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Rebel Riders 4H Meeting

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent with the Rebel Riders 4H club! I had the opportunity to meet with the Rebel Riders 4H club while they had a dessert-making contest and club scrapbook workday. It was an honor to get to judge their desserts! The young leaders of this club really impressed me with their baking abilities! It was hard to choose just one winner. I definitely did not leave this event hungry! While every club member worked on their personal page for their club scrapbook, I was able to talk to many members and get to know their personal interests. I think we may even have a few future Miss Rodeo Illinois from their club. I enjoyed getting to know each and every one there. So many of them reminded me of my younger self. The skills I learned from 4H, which I still use to this day, laid a fantastic foundation for my future horsemanship endeavors. I hope to see all these 4H members continue to grow with 4H as I did!

“4H worked for me and I’ve continued to work for it” – Orville Redenbacher

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