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Silver Spurs Rodeo 2020

The sunshine state did not disappoint! During my trip to the 144th Silver Spurs Rodeo I had a week filled with amazing adventures. To start off my trip, many of us queens traveled to different schools promoting rodeo and explaining the different events to the children. It was great to see the excitement in the children’s eyes when forty-

one rodeo queens entered the room. Some of the other activities I was able to do while in Florida was travel to the beach, go hog hunting at the Kempfer Ranch, tour Gatorland, and also go air-boating. I had a lot of fun during each of these experiences because many of them I have not ever done before. It was quite exhilarating to watch the hog hunt leaders jump down from the buggies and rope the hog! The Silver Spurs Rodeo was during my last couple of days in Florida. I had the opportunity to participate during the rodeo by doing a queens run as well as sign autographs for the public after the rodeo. Overall, I am thankful for all of the volunteers that helped host the queens for the duration of the trip. My time in Florida was one that I will not ever forget!

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