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RFD TV Interview

Lights! Camera! Miss Rodeo Illinois 2023 is on RFD-TV!! A few summers ago, I took an internship where every morning we would have RFD-TV on in the background to watch between meetings and taking orders. The stories they would have daily to highlight the western industry and agriculture community were always so interesting. If you would have told me then that a few years later I would have an interview with RFD-TV Live, I wouldn’t have believed you. The team at RFD-TV was extremely easy to work with and all a pleasure to meet. Credit is majorly due to Tommy Grisafi and Paul Dubravec at Advance Trading for helping facilitate this amazing opportunity. Thank you to the outstanding people at Advance Trading who assisted with letting me utilize their media room, set up the lights and camera, and gave me an abundant amount of support. I don’t think I will ever be able to show you just how grateful I am for everything you all do for me! I am so thankful for the opportunity to highlight the Miss Rodeo Illinois program on RFD-TV. Janet Adkison was a great host that made me feel welcome and ready to go live! Look no further than RFD-TV for your agriculture news; they produce outstanding media!

Click the link to watch the whole interview:

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