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Interview with WDAY

The Weather and Ag Radio show from Fargo, North Dakota and I had a smashing good time discussing my title as Miss Rodeo Illinois. Sometimes doing this role every day, I forget how many questions someone who has never taken part in a rodeo event may have. This interview really reminded me how privileged I am to get to educate people every day about the best sport on dirt! The WDAY anchors were wonderful to talk to! I am so glad they had me be a part of their show. I will never turn down the opportunity to talk about my passions and share those with a broader audience! Our conversation was about investing beyond the buckle with my platform “Long Live Rodeo” and advice I would share on specific topics. Along with my path that led me to where I am today, and what the next steps look like for me. We were having such a wonderful conversation that I think we could have talked for hours on end. I cannot thank their anchors enough for making me feel welcome and being so enthusiastically fascinated with rodeo! One of the many great things about this year is getting to meet new people, and I am glad to say I now have some new friends in Fargo, North Dakota!

Click the link below to listen to the discussion:

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