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Taking On Vegas as Lady in Waiting

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

As Miss Rodeo Illinois 2020 Lady-In-Waiting I had the opportunity to attend the Miss Rodeo America 2020 Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pageant was held at the Tropicana Hotel in conjunction with the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. As it was my first time ever to travel to Las Vegas, I was excited to see what the city had to offer. I first attended the speech portion of the pageant where I got to see many of the titleholders give their speeches. The next event I went to was the Rodeo Royalty Seminar. I had the opportunity to listen to many great speakers and I gained a lot of knowledge from these individuals. The second day that I was in Las Vegas, I attended the Lady-In-Waiting Social where I met many of the other lady’s that I will be traveling with throughout my reign. During this social I gained great advice from Miss Rodeo America 2019, Taylor McNair. The last major event that I attended during my stay in Las Vegas was the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. I was super excited to attend the rodeo because I had never been before. As I was watching the rodeo events unfold, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Am I really here at the NFR?” I think it was at that point that in my life that it really hit me that I was going to be Miss Rodeo Illinois 2020 in less than a month! Overall my entire trip to Las Vegas as Lady-In-Waiting was one that I will cherish forever!

Brooklyn Hazel

Miss Rodeo Illinois 2020

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