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Miss Rodeo Illinois 2009 - Rebecca Kloker

Updated: May 30, 2019

Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo. Pocatello, Idaho April 7th-12th

It was just another early morning for me off to another rodeo, only this time I wasn't going to just any rodeo, I was on my way to the 23rd Annual Dodge National Circuit Finals in Pocatello, Idaho. Now to those of you who may not understand why the DNCFR is so special and unique in the world of rodeo I will take this time to fill you in.

First of all, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is made up of twelve circuits. (Illinois is in the Great Lakes Circuit) A contestant in the PRCA designates one circuit as his or her home circuit. All the prize money earned in that circuit is added toward the circuit standings. Each of the twelve circuits have year end finals, and the top money earner for the season, as well as the winner of the finals, gets the opportunity to compete at the DNCFR for a chance at prize money and even a brand new Dodge 3500 dually truck if they are crowned the champion.

When the circuit cowboys arrive in Pocatello, the slates are wiped clean and each contestant starts out from ground zero. Competitions consist of four performances with top money winners advancing to the semi-final round and from there, four advance to the Wrangler Round (Championship Round). The winner of the Wrangler Round is crowned the National Circuit Champion. To make things even more exciting and fun, the DNCFR also has a team format with the twelve circuits competing against each other.

My week in Idaho sure was a busy one! My plane landed at the Salt Lake City Airport in Utah because that is the closest airport to Pocatello, Idaho. At the airport I met up with Miss Rodeo Iowa and Miss Rodeo Mississippi. Once we found each other in the airport, we loaded ourselves and our very heavy bags into the shuttle that would take us to Pocatello. Three hours later we arrived at our destination and had just a few hours to regroup, unwind, unpack and get ready for the rodeo kick off party where I and the other queens would be introduced that evening.

The first evening at the rodeo I was honored to carry the flag of the Great Lakes Circuit in our opening flag presentation. The other queens and I also presented sponsor flags for each of the rodeos that week. A HUGE thank you goes out to Sutton Rodeo for providing all of the horses for all of the queens, for always having them ready and being willing to help with anything we needed with our horse.

All of the queens and I also helped with the exceptional rodeo for special needs children. I was honored to take a little boy named Clinton around and show him what rodeo is all about. It made my day to see how excited one little boy could get when he was on the back of a horse and to see his eyes light up when he had that rope in his hands and was practicing his roping skills.

During my time in Idaho, I was also able to help with fundraising for Children's Miracle Network, visit local schools, sign autographs at Vicker's Western Store, and make an appearance at the local Harley Davidson store where we got to dress up like “biker chicks” and get some fun pictures with the Harleys and customers in the store. But one of the highlights of my week was when Miss Rodeo Nebraska and I got to show Miss Rodeo Florida and Miss Rodeo Alabama how to build a snowman during a brief trip into the mountains. While we were up there, we found ourselves wishing we could go sledding but there was no sled to be found. I guess cowgirls are resourceful, because we found a barrel and just decided to ride it down the hill.

I guess the old saying, all good things must come to an end, would prove true in this instance, because this was a once in a lifetime trip and I am blessed beyond words to have had this opportunity.

One thing I cannot forget is to thank Carma Madsen, who coordinated all of the queens and our activities and was our second mom for the week- she really took great care of us all. And to our amazing drivers for the week- Bob, Stan, Fred, and especially Janet for taking me to my shuttle at three in the morning so I could get to my plane to head home.

Happy Trails Rebecca

National Federation of Professional Bull Riders Pageant, Saint Joseph, Missouri

After getting to visit with several classrooms at the Brown County Middle school and answering some insightful and sometimes very interesting questions from kids ranging from kindergarten to 4th grade about horses, rodeo and even about what my favorite book was, I had just a few days to get myself ready to head on over to Saint Joseph, Missouri. That's right! I was asked to be a judge for the seven beautiful and talented ladies competing for the title of Miss NFPB.

Our Friday morning started out at the St. Joe Civic Center arena with horsemanship at 9am. Duane Taylor had four great horses ready for the girls to ride their patterns on. It really was fun watching all of the girls show off their talent with horses.

After horsemanship the girls had a little bit of down time to change clothes and catch their breath before the fashion show, speeches and impromptu questions that afternoon. When the fashion show was over it was another outfit change for the girls then back to the arena for some more action packed bull riding action.

Saturday the other judges and I headed to the arena to observe the girls helping with the VIP Rodeo. The best thing about the VIP Rodeo is that they welcome people of all ages with special needs and for those few hours they get the chance to meet real cowboys and cowgirls and even feel like one themselves.

After the VIP Rodeo it was off to the interview room and the other judges and I were busy talking over a few last minute details before we started bringing the girls in. I must say it was a lot less stressful for me being on the judges side as opposed to the contestant's side for once.

When the interviews were over my duties as a judge were done and now all I had to do was wait to find out who would capture the crown.

Sunday the winners were announced

2nd Runner Up, Marie Mahaney1st Runner Up, Alyssa MorrisonMiss NFPB, Rachel Burton

Congratulations to all of the girls, you should be very proud of yourself for all your hard work!

See ya down the road


Silver Spurs Rodeo, Kissimmee, Florida

This year has been a busy first couple of months, from Denver, Colorado, to San Antonio, Texas, but next on my list of appearances was the 102nd Silver Spurs Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida.

Upon my arrival to Florida my host family met me at the airport and took me back to their house to unpack and settle in. There wasn't much time for relaxing because it seems that just when everything was unpacked we were out the door once again to attend the Little Miss Silver Spurs Pageant.

The next morning 15 other state queens and I, Megan Ridley, Miss Rodeo America, and the Miss and Little Miss Silver Spurs Court visited local elementary schools to talk to kids about rodeos as wells as answer their questions about anything western or horse related.

There were many other activities I was able to enjoy during my time in the sunshine state. The girls and I all took an airboat ride, and while we were out we even got to see a few alligators. We all went to Gatorland and had a private tour through the park and got to go into the pen with an albino alligator (although I don't think he liked me being quite so close because he wouldn't stop hissing at me.) My next big triumph at Gatorland came in the form of a snake, and not just any snake, but a six foot albino python that wrapped himself around my neck for a picture. It was all smiles for the picture but the second the cameras stopped flashing I was made sure I was as far away from that snake as possible!

Our next adventure is something you can't leave out if you visit Florida. On our trip to Cocoa Beach we got to visit the famous Ron Jon's Surf Shop and spent some time sinking our toes in the sand and splashing in the waves. I sure did enjoy my time at the beach because all I could think about were my fellow Illinoisans braving the cold at home.

After the beach we went to a ranch and took a ride on a hog hunting buggy, we didn't get to see any wild hogs but the armadillos sure were plentiful in those parts and we even caught a couple of them!

But don't think all I did was play in Florida. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the girls and I attended the rodeo. Sunday morning we were able to be a part of the special rodeo and I was able to take a young boy around the arena and show him all the different events and at the end present him with a trophy. My favorite part about this rodeo was the fact that I was able to carry my state flag into the arena at every performance and I was truly proud to be from Illinois.

Miss Rodeo Illinois Rebecca

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